The Vicksburg Business Center exterior campus system involved the creation of campus monument identity, custom directionals, custom regulatory, and tenant identities.

Yorkshire of Edina is part of a dynamic family of senior living communities managed, owned and/or operated by Tealwood Senior Living. The Yorkshire entry identity shows the impact that can be generated through the use of seemingly simple components. When signage elements are combined in the corret way, with the correct lighting, ideas come to life.

Roat Osha is located in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis, an area known for many competing visuals. Custom identity signage was needed to pull patrons to this high traffic retail complex...

Vision Woodworking manufactures some of the most inspiring stores on the planet. Their high-end store fixtures and retail environments have reached visitors in all corners of the world.

White Design Group initiated an interior corporate branding effort with lobby and corridor graphics that blended their online brand with their interior office experience.

TowerLight Childcare is associated with TowerLight on Wooddale, a senior living community serving Minneapolis' west metropolitan market. This top tier community offers intergenerational programming to its residents through the TowerLight Childcare program.