For over 20 years, IBL America has provided high quality laboratory reagent assays for research and clinical testing in the areas of autoimmunity, endocrinology, infectious disease, oncology, and neuroscience. In an effort to reinforce brand to both internal and external audience members, White Design Group created a sales oriented environment theme.

White Design Group implemented experiential graphic displays throughout interior office corridors, creating opportunities for employees to engage with the brand.

White Design Group implemented interior themed environments, signage and wayfinding elements throughout the Brooklyn, New York based, 20,000 square foot high rise office.

To recognize members of their community that have gone well above and beyond typical volunteer commitments, White Design Group implemented a continuation of our arena brand elements with the EHA Cornerstones exhibit.

In our continued effort to support both WebMD and Truisi Design Group, White Design Group implemented our standardized signage and wayfinding elements for the WebMD Portland office location. This interior branding effort involved signage, wayfinding and significant cut vinyl applications.

In addition to the the interior rebrand of the space, White Design Group created themed displays that celebrate the proud history and traditions of life on the ice at Edina's classic Braemar Arena.

Located at one of the busiest intersections in the Twin Cities, the historic Rainbow Building and Shops offer high-profile office and retail space in the heart of Uptown, Minneapolis.

White Design Group's goal with the branding of the Hornets Nest was to help connect players and coaches with the legacy of Edina hockey.

Track 29 Lofts in Uptown offers a residential community that embraces spectacular design and craftsmanship. This residential housing project involved wayfinding for a city block condo/townhome campus. The system included custom internally illuminated monument directionals along with custom internally illuminated unit identities.