The Phipps Center for the Arts

ClientThe Phipps Center for the Arts
ScopeBranded Environments
LocationHudson, WI

The Phipps Refresh

In line with The Phipps’s need for an exterior signage refresh (completed by White DG pre-covid), the interior space begged to be pulled in a new direction. The existing 40 year old interior was revamped to not only aid in brand appeal, but offer up a new perspective on the future of the arts center.

Because of the wide variety of works being produced and shown in the space, it was important to create an environment that spoke to a wide audience. We created bold visuals to highlight specific nodes within the building. Use of glass and lighter tones, as well as some specially placed architectural elements lend to a more open feeling. A modern appeal that does not smack of pompousness, but invites people to explore. The space now speaks to not only the professoinal, but also the aspiring professional. 

White Design Group reworked The Phipps’s interior brand in collaboration with Sperides Reiners Architects and Gavic Construction.