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Easily getting patrons from point “A” to point “B” within exterior and interior spaces takes planning. Nobody likes to hunt for pathways, corridors and/or rooms. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration leads to anxiety. Cut down on the confusion by establishing a plan from the outset.

Design &

Quality signage and experiential design is not just creative, it’s also user-friendly, compliant with municipal codes, and on budget. After all, a really creative piece that can’t be built, or won’t be granted a city permit is really just a fun intention. We design pieces that transport an intention into the real world.


A great plan and a great design has been created – now what? How does it get implemented? There are necessary steps that need to occur to get a sign system installed. Most all our projects are custom, so each is different – each is unique. Depending on the scope of work, each will need to go through its own process.

Custom Design


Our Process

Brand involves more than the look of a logo – it’s interwoven throughout an entire organization. It gives customers an understanding of who they’re dealing with, before they’ve done business with them. It reinforces who and what an organization is, after they’ve done business with them.

Our clients go to great lengths to differentiate themselves and their brands. We think their spaces deserve the same treatment. We use interior and exterior spaces to connect our client’s brands with their audiences. We help transition brands from an intention to a tactile experience.

1Wayfinding Planning
2Schematic Design
3Design Development
4Message Scheduling
5Final Documents
6Bids & Vendor Selection
7Permits & Production Mgmt.
8Installation Mgmt.
9Punch LIst
10Project Completion
11Maintenance & Additions

Why White Design Group?

We’ve been doing experiential design for quite some time – started up in 1998. We’ve got the experience to produce the experience.

What sets White Design Group apart?

We offer more than just quality creative, we offer quality creative that can actually be built. We back that up with planning and management. Oh, and we actually like to get to know, and help our clients.

Is White Design Group a sign fabricator?

NO – we are a design firm that specializes in signage and experiential design. We are not a sign shop. We produce the plans and the designs. We then manage the production of that scope of work with multiple vendors (sign fab shops, architects, interior designers, engineers, installers, municipalities, etc.) to get our clients the best product, at the best price, with the least amount of difficulty.