International Market Square

ClientInternational Market Square
ScopeSignage & Wayfinding
LocationMinneapolis, MN

Historic Preservation With Style

For over 100 years, International Market Square has been a landmark in Minnesota, committed to design and creativity. IMS is the largest interior design marketplace in the region, and houses numerous firms and showrooms dedicated to the art of interior design.

White Design Group established and designed the wayfinding plan throughout the campus’ exterior and interior environments. Exterior signage utilizes custom, fully illuminated identities and directionals with intricate stencil details that blend the building’s industrial roots with a modern look and feel. Interior signage mimics the exterior feel. The custom interior sign system offers building managment the flexibility to change signs readily when tenants transition through the campus.

Housed in the historical Munsingwear Building, International Market Square is also a registered historical landmark. White Design Group helped manage the signage approval process to work within the stringent signage requirements of both Minnesota and The CIty of Minneapolis.